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ONCE BURNED by Sam Mariano

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Once Burned (Morelli Family, #3) is LIVE!!!
If you haven’t met this crazy mafia family yet, what are you waiting for?! Each book focuses on a different couple, but these are not standalones. The whole series is built around Mateo (the sexy villain!) and the Morelli family. If you don’t start with Accidental Witness, you’re gonna be lost.

Accidental Witness (book 1)
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Surviving Mateo (book 2)
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Once Burned (book 3)
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The Audiobook Book by Renea Mason, Noah Michael Levine, and Erin Deward

The Audiobook Book: An Audiobook Production Guide for Indie Authors & Narrators by [Mason, Renea, Levine, Noah Michael, deWard, Erin]

This was a really nice guide, unlike any I’ve found yet. Helpful information I wasn’t aware of – like the rules for bundling a series in audio, confirming what I have learned about penname/psuedonames, and tips like affiliate links actually paying off if you give them a chance and place them well. The “When Things Go Wrong” chapter is particularly eye opening, especially if you *haven’t* delved too far yet into the world of audiobook production – either as an author, or as a voice actor.

I was really glad to get the chance to read this as an ARC!! Those wondering what they need to know before they go seeking talent, and for the others hoping to narrate; you’ll appreciate what these three have so carefully laid out here.

Accidental Witness by Sam Mariano

I wish you could read the notes I made all over this book.  Holy f*ck.
First of all, I knew I was in trouble right here:
“Well, see, Vince told me his version of events in the car.  So this really works both ways – if you lie to me, you die.  If he lied to me and you tell the truth, you die.  Either way, we all learn not to lie to me.”
And in the interests of full disclosure: I fell in love with Vince from the first moment he stalked her.  As you do.
Sure, he’s an up-and-coming mafioso.
Bracing one arm against the pillar and leaning in, he asks, “Want to say that a little louder?”
*thud* RAWR.
But we don’t care about that, do we?  NOPE.  NO, WE DO NOT.
And I learned that I can live with the fact that mobsters come home covered in blood sometimes.  I don’t care.
What I wasn’t prepared for was… Mateo.
This man…
Mariano WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME????!!!!   I don’t know whether to lick him or light him on fire
What I *do* know though?

Surviving Harley by K Webster

Surviving Harley

“Promise me something,” I utter in a whisper, my mouth dangerously close to hers. “Promise me you’ll try and give me a chance one day. And when you see that I’m worth of your trust, I want you to remember this day. I want you to tell me all about it.”

*gah* I FELL IN LOVE WITH HARLEY RIGHT THEN. No, that’s not true – I fell in love with Harley when I saw this book’s COVER – *fans self* HAAAAAAWT!

But when I read this?

“There have been many times I’ve fallen asleep on the sofa and woken up in my bed. If he wouldn’t wear a knowing, smartass smirk the following day after each time, I’d probably thank him for it every now and again. But he just looks at me the next morning like, “Yep, I carried you like the caveman I am and sniffed you the entire way.”


But Harley is so much more. He’s possessive, he’s protective, he loves Taylor – he’s *perfect*.

I want heroes that are strong but sweet, tough but gentle, brave but vulnerable – and women who can’t help but fall for them. And Taylor is a smart girl. She realizes when she’s got a good thing. Which is good, because I haven’t figured out how to jump into the book, knock her down, and steal him. ♥

LOVED THIS ONE!! I received this ARC and swoooned while reading it. Harley is my new BBF!!!

Up for Urban Fantasy? Check out Shake, Rattle, & Soul

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REVIEWED: A Princess For A Bride by Noelle Adams



You don’t have to read A Princess Next Door (book 1) in order to enjoy A Princess for a Bride.


But you’re gonna want to.


Victoria – I was hoping I’d really like her story.


And maybe for the reason you’d think… CHANNING.



I LOVE the angsty buildup when you don’t know – but you hope (you really hope so desperately) – you hope you know what the hero is thinking. But since you aren’t in his head, you’re stuck in the driver seat with the heroine, watching every move he makes, hoping, wishing, and then SWOONING when the hero pulls through and is even sweeter (and sweeter on the heroine) than you even knew (but come on! You totally hoped!!)


Okay, I should say I like the buildup when a *select* couple of authors do this. Mariana Zapata, and Claire Kent (Noelle Adam’s other pen name for darker romances, mmm) are my top favorites. And they write DELICIOUS. Heroes aren’t (totally) arrogant dot-dot-dots, they are really, at the heart of it, just not sure how to express themselves. IT IS SOOOOO GOOD when they finally open up and share. Reading this one gave me the same feeling you get after a good massage; boneless, happy – and all by the power of your eyeballs and heartflips.


I want to say so much more but, seriously, just read that blurb!


He’s rich, gorgeous, aloof.
She says he never talks to her.
They agree to marry and keep their lives separate and basically to keep their relationship professional except…
…they just need to produce that heir.


MMMMMmmm =D Happy reading!!

Review for THE LAST BOSS’ DAUGHTER by Sam Mariano

Everyone loves a good Book Boyfriend.
Everyone is going to love Liam.
Heck, *I* love Liam.
But he’s Annabelle’s.
He totally, completely belongs to Annabelle.
And this is one book chick *I wouldn’t fight*.  Because I *love* her.  Now THAT is rare – I am happy when a heroine doesn’t irritate me, let alone when I actually like her.  But this girl – she’s FUNNY – that dry, witty, snarky humor withOUT being a witch to the hero – and withOUT being a witch to the hero, you see she is also tough as nails.
Is she an invincible super-girl?  No.  No, she is not.  She is just a woman in a really, really rotten situation, and she’s coping, and still bucking it for all she’s worth, even when she knows she’s going to lose:
‘My stomach feels tight.  Sick.  I won’t have an attack in front of him.  He’ll see it as weakness, and as far as he’s concerned, I’m motherfucking Sparta.
In my mind, at least.
I don’t really care what I look like in his.’
And???  What impressed me THE MOST?   This is a mafia romance, you know that if you blurbed it, and as a mafia romance, bad things happen, right?  And when bad things happen in (bad) movies and (bad) tv shows, the heroine sometimes (always) gets put in danger (or jumps into it – because she’s an idiot) and then she compounds it by doing STUPID things that you are screaming at your tv/kindle/spouse, telling the character “NO DON’T GO-“
and she does
and: “No don’t do-“
And she does.
But get this??  Annabelle ISN’T A STUPID TWIT!!!  IT WAS SO REFRESHING.
I freaking clapped.  I kid you not.  I highlighted and noted all over this copy (which by the way, the author sent to me, and herebe my review) and said things like “BRILLIANT”  and “THANK YOU FOR NOT DOING THAT” and “Whoa!  Now that… was NOT EXPECTING…”
The dialogue was a treat, there are few things as sad as a fabulous plot but stagnant, unimaginative lines — thou shalt not suffer that pain here.
Back to Liam.
I am so happy when the hero is basically Thor AND saves battered women and when he realizes he’s desperately in love with the h and doesn’t want her to be afraid of him.  (No worries, Liam.  She’s sooo not.)
I am also happy when the hero has a hot brother.
A hot brother who does not have a woman yet.
And I haven’t been written into a book yet…
Just sayin’.
On strong recommendations I snapped up the Irreparable set to devour next.  And it’s official.  This author just shot to my “WHEN IS HER NEXT BOOK COMING OUT????!” list.

A Princess For a Bride by Noelle Adams

A Princess for a  Bride (Rothman Royals Book 2) by [Adams, Noelle]


It’s release day for A Princess for a Bride! Marriage of convenience between a princess and an introvert hero!






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Head over to to enter!

The Last Boss’ Daughter is LIVE and on SALE for $2.99 during release week only + FREE for #KindleUnlimited subscribers!

To celebrate this new release, the author is giving one lucky, randomly chosen person a $25 gift Amazon gift card!
The price of the book will go up after release week, so make sure to grab this standalone while it’s on sale!

He shouldn’t want me. I shouldn’t trust him. But there’s only one way we both make it out alive—together.
The Last Boss’ Daughter is LIVE EARLY and on sale for $2.99, release week only! Also available on #KindleUnlimited.

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