You don’t have to read A Princess Next Door (book 1) in order to enjoy A Princess for a Bride.


But you’re gonna want to.


Victoria – I was hoping I’d really like her story.


And maybe for the reason you’d think… CHANNING.



I LOVE the angsty buildup when you don’t know – but you hope (you really hope so desperately) – you hope you know what the hero is thinking. But since you aren’t in his head, you’re stuck in the driver seat with the heroine, watching every move he makes, hoping, wishing, and then SWOONING when the hero pulls through and is even sweeter (and sweeter on the heroine) than you even knew (but come on! You totally hoped!!)


Okay, I should say I like the buildup when a *select* couple of authors do this. Mariana Zapata, and Claire Kent (Noelle Adam’s other pen name for darker romances, mmm) are my top favorites. And they write DELICIOUS. Heroes aren’t (totally) arrogant dot-dot-dots, they are really, at the heart of it, just not sure how to express themselves. IT IS SOOOOO GOOD when they finally open up and share. Reading this one gave me the same feeling you get after a good massage; boneless, happy – and all by the power of your eyeballs and heartflips.


I want to say so much more but, seriously, just read that blurb!


He’s rich, gorgeous, aloof.
She says he never talks to her.
They agree to marry and keep their lives separate and basically to keep their relationship professional except…
…they just need to produce that heir.


MMMMMmmm =D Happy reading!!