The Audiobook Book: An Audiobook Production Guide for Indie Authors & Narrators by [Mason, Renea, Levine, Noah Michael, deWard, Erin]

This was a really nice guide, unlike any I’ve found yet. Helpful information I wasn’t aware of – like the rules for bundling a series in audio, confirming what I have learned about penname/psuedonames, and tips like affiliate links actually paying off if you give them a chance and place them well. The “When Things Go Wrong” chapter is particularly eye opening, especially if you *haven’t* delved too far yet into the world of audiobook production – either as an author, or as a voice actor.

I was really glad to get the chance to read this as an ARC!! Those wondering what they need to know before they go seeking talent, and for the others hoping to narrate; you’ll appreciate what these three have so carefully laid out here.